Monday, October 09, 2006

Check List for a new Life

These were the most important boxes we needed to be able to tick, before we got on the plane:-

Is it a safe place? Terrorism?
Would we feel safe there, especially with children?
Is it easy to fly to? How many airports are there nearby? Is it on the flight plan of low cost airlines?
Is the climate nice? All year round?
Is it over developed yet? Any high rise apartments?
Is the cost of land and property prohibitive? Could we afford it?
Are there many expats there already?
Are there many other country homes/B&B's?
Could we work there, out of season, legally?
What is the family life like? Do they have strong moral and sense of family values?
What are schools like there and size of classes?
What are the people like? Friendly?
Is there potential to create a small business?
If we aren't successful with plans for a country home/B&B, could we still work?
Are they many things to do, when it rains, and of interest?
Are we going to get whacked for tax?

We'll let you know how the places we found scored out of 10 on the above.

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