Monday, October 09, 2006

London comparison- scores out of 10

By comparison, this is where we currently live and it's score!

Is it a safe place? NO! (0/10)
Terrorism? FAR TOO MUCH. (0/10)
(I was minutes away from Kings Cross on 7/7)
Would we feel safe there, especially with children? (0/10)
(I feel scared putting the rubbish out!)
Is it easy to fly to? How many airports are there nearby? Is it on the flight plan of low cost airlines? (8/10)
(Ok, so we're close to Heathrow and can see the planes circling. Oh and the helicopters when people escape from Wormwood Scrubs.)
Is the climate nice? All year round? (2/10)
(London- Oh yes. Glorious for 5 days a year. Great if you like it grey.)
Is it over developed yet? Any high rise apartments? (1/10)
(Wow. We can't move in London.)
Is the cost of land and property prohibitive? Could we afford it? (1/10)
(£300k for 1 bedroom flat. Ridiculous.)
Are there many expats there already? (2/10)
(Everyone is here. Far too crowded.)
Are there many other country homes/B&B's? (1/10)
(Erm, what do you think.)
Could we work there, out of season, legally? (8/10)
(My wife can only just work legally, no holds barred, now.)
What is the family life like? Do they have strong moral and sense of family values? (2/10)
(Awful. Kids with guns, selling drugs.)
What are schools like there and size of classes? (2/10)
(Far too expensive and massive waiting lists for anything decent.)
What are the people like? Friendly? (6/10)
(We're lucky. We have good friends. But they're all leaving.)
Is there potential to create a small business? (2/10)
(Nope. not without a few million.)
If we aren't successful could we still work? N/A (4/10)
Are they many things to do, when it rains, and of interest? (8/10)
(Ok, so there is loads to do- but it costs loads too.)
Are we going to get whacked for tax? (1/10)
(50% OMG in UK. It's gotta be better than that!)

London Total score : 48/170

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