Monday, October 09, 2006

Why Italy?

Good place to start is why the heck we choose Italy.

Well, Izzy is from Montreal and we met in London almost 10 years ago. Izzy was working in Formula One and so had traveled extensively around Europe, and Monza for example. She'd always had a passion for Italy and the culture and spent lots of weeks and months here and there, perfecting her Italian.

I've always loved Italy, from the food, to the people (spent a year in an Italian restaurant Florios), to the history and the Romans.

We've dreamt over the years about a new life down under, a new life in Montreal, or the ideal being Ibiza.

Ibiza too expensive and too developed now. Lucky if you can get a finca for less than a million euros.
Australia too far from Montreal and our families there and in the UK. And it's bloody expensive.

So we wanted to find somewhere in Europe, that was easier to get to; relatively undiscovered; would provide us with a strong family life (and you can't beat the Italians for that); and had the potential. With Eastern Europeans becoming more westernised and transport links improving considerably, we honed it down to Italy ish.

Izzy went on her hen party there in 2004, to Bari, and thought it could be the place. So we went there a couple of weeks ago, and that's how we got to our 1st reccie trip, to see if it might be the place.

Coming up next- what we found, and what we thought.


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