Sunday, June 10, 2007

Recce number 2- 5 days in June

Just got back from a really good recce in the South.

Only went for 5 days but we were pretty specific about where we were looking, and had lined up a couple of interesting properties to find out about, and to delve deeper into the planning permission, ruins, type questions.

Hang fire- just compressing all the pics to upload and talk around. (then got to wait patiently to get onto the mac whilst at home :-(

Topics coming shortly:-

How much is land?
How much is a sea view?
When does it get busy down there/the season?
How much living space can you build on land?
Are there any tips or tricks to build on land?
What about planning permission- how long and who?

All those answers coming soon and a little bit of info on a cool place called the Italian Maldives- 6km of turquoise beach. Mmmmm...

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