Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 2

Full English breakfast, and then at the EuroTunnel for 9.30am. Online it was only £30, but just by turning up, it was £160. A costly lesson. 

Breezed through the tunnel, filled up with petrol, got the kids tucked into their DVD library, and set off doing as many miles as possible on this day. 

First Reims came into view, then Metz, then Strassbourg. We kept the foot on the metal, no more than 80 mph, and after brief stops refueling car and kids, we slugged it out to a roadside hotel (Holiday In Express in Lucerne).

No drama’s on this day other than  mobile phone charger (cigarette) packed up. We had no map, and were using Google maps on the iphone the whole way which was good, but when you’re battery is dead you’re a but stuffed. So this yellow bad boy, was a really smart item to pack and we charged away in the front seat, christening him Bob.

Arrived at hotel about 11pm, having been in the car for 10 hours, apart from perhaps 3 hours for stops. Long day. Must have done about 500 miles.

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