Saturday, October 29, 2011

Night 1 in Italy. First 3 hours in our des res . First night test

Locks - back to front. Complicated. Outer door / shutters (has lock). Inner doors – lock. We got locked out with Leuca, the dude on a moped we got the keys from. We were about to have to send Hooper through the bathroom window, to then go and turn the lock for us (on the outside of him), when thank god, Izzy easily got through. Ok, I’m likely to get us locked out a lock. Must always have a secret set of keys nearby.
Water, it works, but taps are on opposite side to UK. C, does NOT mean cold. It means Caldo. Hot then.F is cold, flippin’ fff…rrr aa llldoo.
Plugs-  adaptors seem to work well, big of a wiggle to fit 3 pin, through an adapter  into 2 round pin. Unlike the states and NA , which is a flimsy bit of metal connection.
Beds – urrgghhh. Must find a way, if we are gonna be sleeing in this place for 15 days now, and then possibly from jan onwards for 4 months, the mattress has to go. And ours just down the road now in storage, needs to be rigged up.
Heating. Doesn’t seem needed strongly right now. As it quickly got dark, we were in the car heading back from ‘messages’ run, and now it must be 17 degrees. Hardly any blankets to be seen, but cupbards packed a stash, so children have those close to hand.
 Eating – gas, on /off, from a gas canister, under the hob / worktop. I switched it off, then Izzy did, not knowing I had already. Too quick we were to dive into the cupboard, to shut down as a result of being over cautiousness.
 Sitting – kids on floors, toys already nicely played with. Shiny but useful flooring. Certainly not my cup of cha, but with a big table to all gather / eat / exchange / chop / open, it’s already a nice change to sit as family across and around each other. TV turned against the wall. It’s not even been poked at.
Bugs – mosquito’s, but they’re a lot slower than flies. And having swated, swiped, and splattered so many of them in Kano, aged 6 -17 yrs old, it’s fun to claim victories. But…. We woke up this am, with the kids’ faces splattered with spots. Poor things. Got itchier as the day went on. Spent later afternoon finding a supermarket with any mossie killers. Ending up spending almost 30 euros on battery powered bug killers, creams, sprays. And again last night we were up all night with the kids in agony. not a good start.
Phone signal. – not bad. No broadband in the house. Everyone has a mobile broadband USB stick which i picked up today for 50 euros for 40 hours. will need to switch to landline asap.
TV - Sky is in the house. I've got BBC World Service. But no intention of watching anything other than the news.
Shops - they all shut between about 2.30 and 5 so everything needs to be scheduled around this. One of our plans is always to create a little shop (think adult / kids tuck shop) to be open during these hours to specifically cater for Europeans (esp Brits with kids) who desperately need to get things, and to feed kids pre 6 pm (restaurants don't open til 7.30- or 8ish)

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