Friday, October 14, 2011

To ship or Man and a van ?

We're at the stage now of packing up our house, and figuring out what the best  (cheapest and most convenient) way is to move all our goods. we've got a 2 bedroom flat and estimate that we need about 700 cubic feet. This is enough to fit into a Luton Van.

Dilemma we faced is that whilst we need to vacate our flat (renting it out) at the end of October, we're not actually going to be permanently in Italy till January. So we actually don't need the items delivered in Italy till January. So we looked into options of a courier picking it up at the end of October and storing it until january, and then delivering it. But.... they are going to charge me £200 a month for UK storage. 

We looked into either a man with a van, or shipping it in a container. I thought we'd have to pay for a whole container, but actually we don't. We just pay for the space we use.

Interesting though, the prices were pretty much the same. I tried Nomad International, and they gave me a quote of £4500. Far too much. and then I found a company called Titan Shipping who quoted :-

Estimated Transit Time: 1 weeks
Freight cost :  £1050.00
Packing          £350.00
Optional: marine insurance is available at 5.0 % of contents total value.
Uninsured goods are at owner's risk at all times.
Service Excluding, chargeable according to shipping lines charges.

If you want to ship, I'd suggest giving this guy a call :-
Alan Evans
Titan Shipping and Storage Ltd
Tel: 0207 377 8864

What we're actually going to do (since we have a place to store out stuff in Puglia) is man with a van. Reason being is that we'll actually be there to receive the goods in November and it just seemed easier to know the van was following us down.

I tried lots of web sites and came across this one :
you simply upload your details and they let people bid on your move. I got 27 bids to choose from in less than 5 days. And the current quote we're looking at is £1400.

We'll let you know how we get on with this, but I hope that helps.

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