Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Izzy's First Post

It only took five years…
My darling husband has been trying to get me to post since he started this blog all those years ago. But with full time work/ kids/ life in London, I was struggling to keep up with it all, let alone write about it. Jez is a natural so it was best to leave the social media guru get on with his art, while I Power Pointed the start of our business plan and collected excessive quantities of magazine and newspaper cuttings for mood boards and research.

However now that Jez is back on work mode and we’re here holding the fort in his absence, I’ll stop stuffing my face with prosciutto and try to keep things up-to-date.

I do lack in techie tools though – my farewell gift from London was getting my iPhone nicked straight out of my hands two days before we left (nice touch Islington) so apologies for the temporary dip in quality of reporting and imagery...

So it does rain in Salento
So Jez left yesterday, a sad day indeed. Holiday over and first bit of rain started just as we left the airport, turning to torrential downpour as we drove down the coast. Very fitting with Daddy’s departure and slightly unnerving with recent images of flooded Genova on the news.

Tried to keep our minds off Jez leaving: watched Nanny McPhee together in bed and Hooper fell asleep with his picture of himself, Lily and Daddy safely in his hands.

School Latin Style
Today we finally got to visit the school in Santa Maria. Great little place, lovely teachers, though slightly overwhelming as the kids were introduced to their future classmates: one little boy came straight up to Lily and hugged her, which was very sweet, though Lily didn't seem quite sure how to react to this novel, non-British approach. I felt bad that Lily and Hooper didn’t yet have much Italian to help cope with being put on the spot like this. As the classroom turned to mayhem and Lily’s new friend was introducing her to everyone, I was happy to see the huge smile of relief on Lily’s face when one teacher spoke to her in French.

Also turns out there’s two brothers in the school who arrived from London last year so at least she’ll have someone else to chat with – if her new found Romeo allows her to talk to anyone else of course.

Hooper was also a hit with all the kinder-garden teachers, though I was struggling to dislodge his face from my thigh. Very happy that primary and pre-school are both in the same building finally - a massive relief that Lily and Hooper will be together from day one and not alone facing this big life change. Some intensive Italian lessons during our stay in Montreal should also help...

The Santa Maria school is dependent from the next village, Castrignano, so we will still need to register them there tomorrow. Hopefully there should be no major challenges in doing so… it all seemed pretty sorted – ‘tutto a posto’.

After lunch it was still raining but kids wanted to splash in puddles so we went to the park in Santa Maria. Thunderstorms rolled in and we had fun just walking up and down the promenade spotting lightening and counting until we heard thunder. Kids loved it, locals must’ve thought we were positively insane… or just British.

We came home and made some lasagne, which was pretty decent and gave Lily and Hooper hope – you could see the fear in their eyes as Jez left yesterday, knowing they would be stuck with my cooking for the next 5 weeks or so…

Our first visitors
I am so ecstatic that our dear friend Nessie is already planning her 2012 summer holiday here with the kids. It will be such a treat to spend more time with them, just can’t wait to introduce them to our little paradise and return their outstanding hospitality.

Pressing Time
We’re barred from the land for a few days due to electrics work as they move our lovely pylon. So tomorrow morning, after registering for school, we will try to get our olives pressed, in the hope we have the minimal amount required to make a bit of oil... Fingers crossed.


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