Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Found out some useful things today


Woke up feeling  a bit rough.
- it's quite cold at night, and the mattress really isn't that great.

Hooper's mosquito bites were less itchy through the night. We counted 45 on his face. Pool little devil, but they should be gone within a day or 2.

it was Halloween so Izzy and I had put the decorations and stuff up the night below for them to tear into in the morning. They don't do any of the trick or treat stuff here. Though the shops were selling costumes. It seems the kids go shop to shop rather than door to door. Maybe that's something we can start here.

Nice suprise when we walked down the hill into Santa Maria. Surf was up. 2 guys out catching waves. OK, so it wasn't Hawaii, but just the fact that they could simply jump off the rocks, and surf right up to the beach, was a nice indication of more sporting potential.


And as we were watching them, a string of cyclists rode by. They're quite fanatical about cycling here. From the local who don all the tight lycra and put in 30km's before they start work, to those on cycling holidays or training. Lots of potential with these groups. 

I could get quite used to waking up early (as I now do) having checked the likelihood of waves the day before. Grabbing a wettie and board and doing the 5 mins walk (8 with kids) to jump into the sea. Along with the heaps of kite surfers we've seen (and kite surfing festival up the coast) there's a lot of water sports / appeal for us to promote to. 

Took a wonder down into the Santa Maria de Leuca marina to spy some boats.

I'm really excited about saving up the pennies to get a tiny little 5m open boat, so we can explore the caves along the coast (one of them known as the devil's cave!) and go up the coast, which is best explored from the water.

 Pleasantly suprised that they won't cost a fortune, and in fact the below can be picked up for between 2500 euros to 3500 euros (which includes the motor).  Mooring charges only apply during the season and are reasonable at 100 euros per month.  

So all in I reckon the budget is 3000 euros (to get some decent upholstery and sun canopy) and than 400 per year for the mooring rights. 

Dropped by the land as usual. The latest obsession is to pick up empty bullet shells (shotgun) since the italian's love shooting tiny birds (why ? WTF !!!!!!!)  as sport. Anyhow, not on our land any longer!

Finihed the day off round at Patrizia and Toni's house, having lunch from thier home made pizza oven (on the list) and getting great advice and local inside info as usual as to how we can build what we want as cheap and local as possible. Very warm and friendly couple, who will be around on New Year's Eve, so we'll aim to spend it with them this year.

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