Friday, November 25, 2011

Jez in London for a Day

I've been back in london for 2 days now for meetings, but it also gave me the chance to finish of a few final relocating type things. A good check list done:-

New tenant - met, signed, keys handed over. 2 year lease. done. £500 per week.
Family health records- cost £30, done.
Dental records - done, cost £0.
Post / mail - picked up, just need to redirect it now. 
Post Office - E111 Form for an EHIC card (the European Health Insurance Card). hospital access via NHS to Italian equivalent.
Family health insurance for 2012 - in place / quotes in.
Life insurance for 2012 - in consideration, quotes in.
Pension - got some advice. Spent more time talking about watches, Doxa and this one on my wrist. 
Cider - put at least 8 pints past my lips. that will do for a while.
Caught up - Oli, Jean Da Silva, Jim, Polly, Dan, Keith, Jo, Andy W, Chris, Matt, Anthony, Mark, Martin, Richard, Duncan (laughed a lot about badly stuffed animals here ) . Back in London next week for Xmas Facebook lunch.
Tractor - Oli, our sweet french restauranteur, has kindly offered one he has in France. 
Beach Buggie - Oli again wants us to have his Renault Rodeo (long story). I've said we'll loan it until he has his french place set up and then we'll drive it back on a trailer. looks like this.

Off up to Uppingham now, then back to Paris Sunday night. looking forward to be being home for a bit. Shame i didn't see everyone in the last 2 days, but I'm back in the UK, next Thurs+

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