Friday, November 04, 2011

Top 5 things right now, really appreciate

In no particular order...

1. Sweets- zero requests and consumptions so far. Not having it thrust in front of their eyes, in shops / play grounds, etc is a good thing. Consumer brands aren't under their noses. X Factor isn't on , or registered. Instead they get a decent Italian ice cream every now and then, from hereMartinucci in Santa Maria di Leuca. Lovely looking web link e-catalogue, and quite a classic looking web site. lol.  Don't get that from Walll's.
2. Shut eye. By 8pm, everyone's crashed out, in bed, maybe watching a DVD on one of these mac's. I'm typing and SM'ing quietly.....By 7am we're all looking at a bright, energizing sun and wandering whether we rock pool straight away (it's 500 meters down the hill / street), or run around on the land.

Today we popped into Morciano to try and get a ladder for olive trees, and found going on : 

 (Perhaps one of the best national anthems there is ?)

 3. Family meals - we sit around a decent table, opposite each other, with no distractions. Lunch is on the land, beach or other, during the day. Or at the house, outside. Evening meals at 6ish are inside safe from mossie. Quizes and sums, spellings, and Italian words for all of us.


4. TV- they haven't asked or watched any. Too occupied with other stimuli. Plus it's crap.  So is he.

 Instead we either bike, run, walk or drive along beach road, or inland road, or this coast road


   5. Rent - it will only be 320 euros p/m from Jan 2012, compared to 2000 p/m in W10.  Still on though

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