Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crisis Averted - And Life Moves On

So we left for Bari Friday after school, with our half tank of diesel and with the understanding there should be petrol further north, past Lecce. Still, just in case, I drove at 50mph until we found diesel, so that if we didn’t, we would still make it to Bari. Then we could figure out our plan for the return all together.

Finally found a station on the road to Brindisi and our worries were over. Mind you, also our chances of being stranded at the hotel for the weekend, hot bath, warm room, no Saturday school or catechismo… zut alors. Picked up Jez around 4:30pm and back down to Leuca we went.

Saturday routine: woke up with the most beautiful sunrise, breakfast, dropped Lily off at school and then went to the land. Basement foundations now complete and they’re onto breeze-blocking the ground floor. But to our slight shock, the kitchen don’t look as big as planned…

Also concerned about insulation – currently nothing planned in the basement other than thick breeze-block walls and they’re closing it all up so we tell Leo we need to shoot some insulation in there before it’s too late.

Agree with Leo that we’ll meet engineer Claudio on site Monday to review plans. Original plans included a small study on the kitchen side but that has to go now and we’ll need to add structural beams to the ceiling to replace weight baring walls.

Just both annoyed that we might yet again struggle to fit an island in the kitchen planning – it’s London all over again! Keep reminding ourselves that we will eventually have an outdoor kitchen which we’ll use most of the time and that it’s not the end of the world if we need to compromise on a few things – it will still be a great little house, with breathtaking views.

Another exciting step this week: they'll finally start digging the water well today or tomorrow. With Enel coming to set up the temporary electricity meter this week or next, we’re slowly on our way to having basic living utilities – one step closer to setting up on our beautiful land - even if Glamping for the next 6 months!

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