Thursday, January 05, 2012

Xmas in Montreal (18 Dec to 27th Dec)

Paris & Montréal

I was very happy to leave Paris after being there for 6 weeks straight (other than a few weekends back and forth on the Eurostar to London and to Uppingham). 6 weeks is far too long to ever be away from Izzy, Hooper and Lily and whilst I’m glad I put the effort into Havas, I won’t be doing that again. Finally getting on the Air Canada flight from Paris, however crap Air Canada is (and trust me, it’s almost as bad as Ryanair) was a day I’d been counting down for. I got to Canada on Saturday the 17th. It’s always a special moment to finally get through customs and walk out through the airport doors, to find the people you love and missed waiting. Or rather themn tearing passed security into your arms. It was special.


We then all spent the next 8 days or so having a really special Xmas and time in Montreal, with family that that we’re not likely to see in Montréal for some time now. Suzanne and Andre were as ever, enormously hospitable, kind, generous and loving. They really are the best mother and father in law I could ever wish for, and best grandparents to Lily and Hooper. Putting up with Hooper for so long is testament to that- he has turned into a right little so and so (more on that later in our 2012 Italian post).  We caught up with all Izzy’s family and spent some really good time with Patrick and Maude- huge thanks to them both for letting Lily have so many sleepover’s with Gabby, her cousin, who Lily looks up to so much. Shame Hooper didn’t get the chance to have a sleepover – he felt left out a bit with all the gals always doing stuff.

Montréal Xmas eve and Xmas Day
Christmas evening we went to mass. Bit of a disappointment. We were never going to make the midnight session, opting instead for the 7pm. But no real choir, or anything of any note. 

And after a really lovely Xmas day and family Xmas dinner, and yet more and more superb booze and wine from Andre (gosh- we polished off a lot of good vintages in the 8 days we were there, especially when the Jamieson family stayed for 3 days), it was time to leave on Boxing Day.

Montréal Boxing Day, and flight home

The Boxing Day flight is normally hell. We leave Montréal at 10pm at night, getting into UK at 7am. Flight is only 7 hours or so and the kids never sleep much. This time it wasn’t so bad. Hooper sat and slept with me. Lily with Izzy. Kids managed to pass out after a few bytes of movies. No one ate on the flight, it really is that rubbish.

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