Sunday, March 25, 2012

Farewell Mamie

A very emotional week, crying my grief at the same time wanting to grab life with both hands and enjoy every moment, as Mamie taught us to do.

 Drove Jez to Bari last Sunday, stayed overnight and then took the kids to the San Giuseppe Fiera, the local tradition for fathers’ day. A great shame Jez wasn’t with us. We did get a ‘dwarf’ rabbit, which is very cute and soft, but I completely forgot that not only do rabbits bonk a lot (thankfully we only have the one) but they also poo relentlessly. Great, just what we needed. Oh well, kids are happy. And considering Hooper wanted a cow, think we got off pretty lightly.

Greeted Jez at Bari airport Wednesday afternoon, handed over the kids and then left for Milan; overnight stay, then 6:20am flight through Frankfurt to Montreal Thursday morning. Travel from Heathrow certainly was rather more direct…

Clearly Mamie’s last gift to me: my first long haul flight without screaming kids in nearly seven years…. Thanks Mamie, think I very much needed that.

Despite the sad circumstances, it’s been wonderful to be home helping Mum with arrangements and simply be by her side. We bid farewell to Mamie yesterday. A very tough day but it was beautiful and I was so pleased I was able to say goodbye. Think my gorgeous cousins Loulou and Manu and myself did a pretty good job on the homage front.

Just wish I could stay longer but unfortunately have to fly back tomorrow. Jez leaves for UK Tuesday morning so we’ll be playing airport tag again: he drops the kids off at school in the morning, drives to Brindisi, leaves car and hidden key in airport car park and flies off. I arrive 6pm, drive back home to Leuca and collect kids from lovely Anja who will very kindly take them after school and look after them until I get back. Considering she’s already got three boys, I may need to bring her some strong liquor or valium after her day with Hooper.

Nearly three months already since we landed for good in Italy so it’s been a little odd being away for a few days. But I am grateful for this time to hear myself think, to share all these great memories, send off Mamie in style, spend quality time with my family and go home more relaxed, relieved, and eager to live life to the full.

 Which is good, as we’ve got our work cut out. The rustico is almost finished and we must now align plumber and electrician, as well as quickly decide/order windows and doors since these take 3 to 4 months for the carpenter to produce.

We also received delivery of top soil so I can finally start planting our vegetable garden on my return from Montreal. Good thing I’ve got one last day and night resting at home…

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