Saturday, June 09, 2012

Happy Days

Been great fun these past two weeks to see brilliant Jo & Grace, chilled Gaby and Steve, on half-term holiday in Puglia. Lily was at Oxford Gardens with Jo so it was a real treat to spend some quality time and catch up.

Lunch at the beach, picnic at the land. pool and BBQ at their amazing villa/castle in Specchia Gallone. A pleasure to have such good company as well as helpful input on our project, from avid Glampers in UK and Puglia posse. 

Kids had a wonderful time and we hope they come back to visit when the Glampsite is up and running - despite Steve not being a great fan of Glamping!

Lucky encounter 
Our plumber introduced me this week to his two-strong team, one Italian, one Swiss. As Lily and I arrive for Hooper’s school recital the next night, the Swiss chap is sitting right behind us and recognizes me as I speak French. Introduces me to his lovely wife Julia: top lady, instant friendship. Three kids, live in next village Salignano, moved over from Switzerland just a year ago to look after her dad. What a joy to meet folks who 1) are genuinely lovely 2) speak French 3) totally get it, having been through the same experience. 

Like-mindedness strongly welcome. 

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