Saturday, January 19, 2013

Izzy's 2012 TOP TEN - Good & Bad

2012 Top 10 Moments
(a difficult task, so many to chose from)

1. Christmas in our new house

One year after excavation started for the build, we've got a great house, with the most spectacular view. Amen.

2. Both sets of grandparents visiting, including our brilliant weekend in Rome with Mum and Dad

3. Our first ever visitor: dear Richard, who flew in for a day/night, enjoyed a BBQ in the rain and slept in our crumby Leuca flat – earning him a big A+++ for effort

4. Moving to the land, camping in our tents and successfully testing our Glampsite with 10 wonderful troopers

 5. Having running water, shower and proper loo again, following three months without (so long camp kitchen & compost loo!)

6. Hooper’s school recital and the smile on his face, following months of misery

7. More friends visiting: Delphine, Robin, Spot, Farouk and kids, Gabrielle, Steve, Joseph and Grace

8. London 2012 (X2): a brief taste of Olympic fever / pre-Christmas with friends & family

9. Splash! water-park

10. Adopting Roger the dog & kittens

Hooper's just asked me to add another:

11. Sunsets (clever boy)

2012 Top 10 Not So Great Moments

1. Saying farewell to Mamie 
Never mind 2012, one of my most heartbreaking moments ever. With added challenge of distance. But made it to Montreal to say farewell, thanks to my lovely family's support.

Though Hooper did greet me back with a very disappointed voice: "Oh Mummyyyyy!! thought you were staying for 2 weeks, not 1!!"  Charming.

2. Freezing our bottoms for 3 months in our ‘not-for-winter’ rental in Leuca

3. Finally getting Jez his birthday boat, only for it to go nowhere near the sea, remaining firmly parked on our land up to now (no mooring space available)

4. Discovering our water is too salty, i.e. not even useable for the house. €6,700 down the well.

5. Our two month-old swimming pool, destroyed by the wind

6. Finding our brand new Emperor Bell tent ripped by wild dogs, first night up

7. Autumn storms flattening and flooding our tents

8. Mud Fests: our very own Glastonbury, without the tunes

9. Loosing Spotty to wild dogs then four more of our gorgeous kittens in one night, most likely to foxes

10. Realising Italian kids aren’t allowed to get mucky or sweat, and therefore don’t tend to do play-dates much. Culture shock or what?

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