Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Because what you REALLY need on three acres of red (muddy) soil…

… is a white, fluffy handbag dog. 

Meet Snowy, the new addition to the family. Yes , I did it again. Took Roger to get fixed last week (i.e. to avoid adding to the already excessive street dog population) and managed to return from the vet not only with a ball-less Roger but with a two month old puppy as well.

I’d seen the cute Shih Tzu a couple of days before but when Lily spotted it, we didn’t stand a chance. For the record, I did say 'no'. Thinking I would get backup, I said she could ring her Dad. Who said yes (!) as long as she looked after her. Of course who’s been doing the house training? Yes, Mum and Dad. Just what I needed: another baby. At least babies wear nappies. And yes I know, the name says it all.

Well it IS very cute when it doesn’t poo. Keep thinking it’s a kitten though.

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