Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Casa Volito

We'd stopped work on the house since Christmas so it was good to see Enzo and the boys back for more, as they came to finish a few things and help with the Glampsite since April.

Following six months of lovely cemented flooring in bedrooms and basement, we now have it all covered. Parquet galore.

Buon Appetito!  

4-metre long table and benches for outside patio: just brilliant.Had the long wood planks ready for assembly since last November so to finally see it come together was another great moment. Perfect for big lunches and could easily host some 20 kids for Arts & Crafts. Jez thought the table was too long and was ready to chop a metre off. I love that man dearly but sometimes question his sanity.

Going Global:
We used to have one at home in Montreal and I've always loved it so managed to convince Jez to put up a huge world map on the kitchen wall. Great for all, except for the assembly bit, which involves four panels to be aligned and glued onto the wall, a task I don't particularly recommend to husband and wife teams. 

                                        Let There Be Light... & Colour
A handful of fittings in, though still quite a few 'wild wires' to tackle. Trying to shop for wall scones and lanterns but costs a fortune online and they seem to all come through the States. Starting to think a long weekend in Morocco might be a good solution.

Half the house painted, one room at a time, slowly but surely. 

And best of all… we've now got a CLEANER! A lovely lady, my saviour, two mornings a week. I'm in heaven.

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