Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not So Smooth Sailing

One year and 22 days after offering Jez his birthday boat, ‘Super Gambas’ finally made it to sea on Monday. But what was meant to be a big day turned into chaos as the ‘Simpsons’ experienced their first foray into the nautical arena.

Firstly the engine wouldn’t start. Most likely due to spark plugs requiring cleaning. With very kind Michael from Marina Torre Vado advising we needed keys to the engine “Whaah? What keys?! ? He never gave us any keys!! Jez, do we have keys?? Aaaaah, you mean keys as in tools to open the engine cover... gotcha. No sorry, don’t have any (note to self: get a boat toolbox).

Seconds away from drama
So Jez had to row the boat to our mooring, with kids in tow. All fun and games, until he gets to the mooring: as Jez and Michael are busy tying up the boat, Lily decides to disembark. She grabs the cement edge of the quay, only to find herself being stretched back to sea, between boat and pier, like a quartering scene out of a Roman film.

Try to grab her by the arms but in a split second I’m flat on my stomach, head and body half-way down the cement pier, desperately holding Lily's rather heavier-than-before 'little' body so she (nor I) face-plant in the water, with her face showing wild panic. Jez simultaneously jumps in the water and grabs her just before her body snaps in two.

So poor Lily is traumatised by her first boating experience, Jez is also a bit shaken and drenched and I’ve got blood all over my knees, arm and hands, nicely scrapped by the cement pier, in my attempt to save our darling daughter. Living the dream.

On the plus side, if they didn't before, they definitely know who we are now.

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