Thursday, October 31, 2013

Teenage Pregnancy

Thankfully not Lily, who’s only a teenager in her head. No, I’m talking of our poor Snowy. Most definitely not our finest moment, as this week we expect the arrival of puppies. Although Shitzus are meant to be ‘house dogs’, Snowy seemed very happy enjoying outdoor life with Roger. But while we were manic hosting guests and managing the site end of August, we failed to notice Snowy’s first heat - and first boyfriend - until it was too late. Complete parental failure. And for some odd reason Roger, who normally barks at absolutely everything, gave us no warning whatsoever on this one, just seemed to whisk this little hobo straight through - ‘get in there mate, I’ll keep watch’. Thanks Roger. Revenge for us getting your jewels chopped off?

The kids are very excited, although we keep repeating that no, we cannot keep the puppies. I know it would’ve been very difficult to keep her inside with all the comings and goings, but I just feel terrible every time I look at her: how could we let this happen? The cat was about the same age when she had the kittens back in May, but ‘Little Dog’ just still seems like a baby.

The vet says not to worry but of course I do. Especially with Jez away this week, I’m just hoping all will go well. And that she forgives us one day.

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