Monday, January 05, 2015

HAPPY 2015

Back in Salento following a mostly wonderful (if a little eventful) Christmas, having enjoyed a turbo start to 2015 and a spoilt 45th birthday, here's to another year of great fortune. Even in our misfortune, we're lucky buggers. 

As the world around us keeps throwing up the most horrific and tragic news, as dear friends increasingly loose loved ones to illness and time, as our planet seems doomed to destruction by human greed, I know how important it is, now more than ever, to count my lucky stars. 

Though I don’t voice it ever enough, I'm grateful each and every day for my wonderful, caring and generous husband and for our two amazing children. Most importantly, I thank the universe for keeping us all healthy, strong and safe.

I am grateful for my extraordinary parents, for all that they've given me, for all the love and care, for healthy and good genes, for the thousands of life opportunities they’ve offered us, for the best education, financial security and for teaching us such solid values and useful skills. I’m even thankful for the stubborn gene, often fuelling the determination, keeping me going.

Grateful for my brothers and their clan, for my cousin Loulou and her lovely two, for all my aunties, uncles, cousins and brood, whom I was so happy to see again. I count my blessings for having all my family still here with us, healthy, and enjoying a good life (if a little cold for those in Montreal).

I am grateful for the Jowett family, who despite me being a poor excuse for a daughter/sister in law over the past ten years, continue to be kind and thoughtful. Grateful that we were able to enjoy a lovely Christmas together in UK, that we’ve yet again had a lucky break, pulling through the latest medical emergency, that Joyce is back home safe.

UK 2014 - Christmas come early - Day 1-2 - Oli's Pub / Guy & Nicole's 
UK 2014 - Christmas come early - Day 3-4 - London at the Catons
I am grateful for the chance to see so many of our wonderful friends in 2014 and over Christmas, and for our loved ones all over the world, whom we don’t see or speak to nearly often enough; grateful that time and space do not alter such special bonds - they are like family and will always be a major part of our life, even if mainly through Facebook and Facetime these days.

UK 2014 - Christmas come early - Day 6 Rob & Raphs
Grateful for our local crew, Anja in particular, who keep me smiling and help preserve my sanity in this mad house of a paese.

Grateful for Sir Ken Robinson, for our dear friend Nick Corston and his contagious enthusiasm in pursuing more creativity in schools, for sharing such invaluable resources, for igniting the passion and for leading the way with his perfect blueprint for the mission: STEAM Co

I am grateful for the very privileged life we lead, in our heated house, with running water and a full fridge; for living in a place where we do not fear war, terrorism or natural disasters. 

All my life I’ve been ever so blessed, with little struggle, trauma or tragedy compared to so many friends and people around us. The side effect is an underlying current of fear, that something terrible will happen, that my luck is bound to run out soon. 

First resolution for 2015 is to counter that fear by focusing on all the positive in the world, by doing more for others, by sharing our blessings with those less fortunate.Give grace, give back, every day.

Love and light to all and may 2015 bring you much peace, health and happiness.

Tanti Auguri from the Puglian Hillbillies x

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